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Starting Blogging A guide on the How to. (part 2)

Another short video on Starting Blogging, a guide on How to set up  a successful WordPress  Blog and How to start a blog to make money and starting to blog in 2018.

This video is 31 minutes long but has some great content and anyone can learn from it. I think you can always learn as you can never know everything have a look and see if you agree. It is important to get your base camp set up and you can go forward from there.

If you do not have a website and explain a little about who you are and what you would like to achieve, people cannot get to know you and your style and will have no reason to stay with you. My aim is to provide great free content from any source I can discover and share it if that is the publishers wish, which ot usually is nowdays.

After Part 3 I will be expanding this in more depth and giving away a Free Cheatsheet to help you if you are setting out.


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Starting a Blog. How to guide (Part 3)

This is part 3 of my 3 part video guide to setting up your first Blog, How to start a WordPress Blog and an easy to follow guide on setting up a WordPress Blog.

It is important to learn when you Start a Blog, to ask and seek out information from any source that can help you if you want to set up your WordPress Blog yourself. I think you should do this yourself and work through it to get a basic understanding of what a header on footer is (not talking about English Soccer here).

It took me a while to find my way around the dashboard but you cannot break it so give it a go and see what you can play with. It is a great learning experience. The answer is usually always available in a google search but implementing it can be tricky.

This is another great detailed video but long at 1hr 56 mins so you need a few cups of coffee for this but you can always save it and come back to it. It is guide for beginners on how to set up their WordPress Blog but I think there is always something for anybody to learn as we all want a good looking website but you should have a clear target in mind of what you will want to achieve and to learn.

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Starting Blogging A guide on the How to.

This is the first part of a series of 3 videos I have found, which will talk you through How to Start a successfull blog, An easy to follow guide for beginners in blogging, and how to start a blog to make money. All this is still relevant for setting up a new blog in 2018.

A lot of people are asking how to start affiliate Marketing, or for an easy guide to Affiliate Marketing. Lets be realistic and say there is no easy way, there is a lot of hard work to get started and a massive learning curve. But first you should have the basics and in fact a base to establish who you are and what you want to do. You need a Website. There are two easy choices, WordPress or Blogger, both of which are essentially free.

I will go into all this later in more depth but for now I am going to show you  a series of 3 videos I have found, which will help you through the process of how to start blogging and How to Start a successfull blog, This easy to follow guide for beginners in blogging, and how to start a blog to make money will go into all the stuff about setting up your site.This is relevant for setting up a new blog in 2018.

This series will be part of my complete guide but I would like to show you these 3 videos with great content from lively people.

My thanks to Meg for this great video.

All the best for now

Paul Watts

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How to Sell using the 4 Ps – A video

How many pens do you want?

Check out this great video I found on how to selling using the 4p’s. Its short and to the point but worth having your notebook ready. Old school? Maybe but some things are classics and a foundation for us all who want to sell Digital Media, Ebooks, online Digital content or Ecommerce products. Can you learn from it? That is down to your level of experience but I think so. As always, positive thoughts are the way forward, don’t bring yourself and others down by negative thoughts and emotions. Be positive and go forward.

I will be talking about relaxing and productivity in future posts.

All the best     –   Paul

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How to get Traffic to Your Website Tips – Part 1

My FREE Traffic Tactics


A number of the older free strategies for directing people to your site have become  saturated over the last couple of years. One reason for this is because of the ever increasing number of individuals beginning to make use of these methods.  In any case, there’s still expectation – while some of these strategies may wind up stagnated, others take advantage from the increase in the number of web advertisers beginning to use them.

There’s likewise, new techniques and systems flying up into the digital marketing system it seems like every other week. I will be sharing some of these later with you.

Free website traffic development is something each Blogger , Website Owner and you, an Internet Marketer are searching for. Whether it’s also for Ecommerce or Offline Marketing, Email Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, by utilizing techniques to drive free site traffic back to you, you can limit your promotion costs while drawing in focused guests to your site and more importantly building your List.

Many Marketers now say there is no problem getting traffic, the problem is getting a List of qualified buyers whilst maintaining customer engagement.

These elements all mean though that you can work to drive free site traffic regardless of what the specialists say. It just takes a little time to build.

I am going to teach you now several old but gold methods as well as up-to-date methods and incredible new technology to build your traffic. Let’s start with one of the best methods.


Social Media Traffic

Truly the most powerful item on this rundown is online social networking systems.  Why?  coz they’re HUGE regardless , and they keep on growing and growing continually. One may grow others may decrease. Facebook is apparently losing out amongst young people to Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram is now very a powerful option and this is where I will be concentrating this year. So  that’s all there is to it then?

Each IM  attempting to make it online this year, NEEDS to have and be visible on networking media. This is the place a dominant part of my activity originates from in differing forms and where a lion’s share of the traffic of individuals I know originates from. You should get on the online networking train, sign up and dynamically engage with the sites. By doing this you will have the capacity to drive excellent, laser focused on traffic to your site without paying anything to anybody.

The vital part – How to do this-

Facebook  Networking.  Use the FB search tool and find any relevant sites in your Niche. Join several. Good Tip – Enter all your accounts in an Excel Spreadsheet. Look at the terms and conditions of how you can make posts to benefit others Make a Topical post or answer a question. Don’t join a make money on line group and start talking about puppy training.

See who is posting a lot and add them to your follow and friends list. Do not use your personal account make a Business Page. You can search how to do that in FB. Get a feel for the site and then try and make a helpful post.

You could maybe answer any “How to Questions”  if you know the answer. If not open a notepad file or just a good old notebook and pencil and then “Google” it. If somebody wants a good site for a WP Theme you can google it, find 2 or 3 sites write down or copy the links. Go there and check it out. Find an easy one to use and note the cost. You could then recommend this as a suitable option. Don’t try and sell anything just post a heplful answer.

Then when you have been able to post a few times, you could make a similar post if you had an affiliate link. Not in your main post but as the first comment. Try to gain a following by being there a lot and posting generally.

When individuals become acquainted with you, you can begin to toss in some of your connections and they will be substantially more likely to tap on your connections (contrasted with simply offering connects to the gathering and no different kinds of substance).

Facebook Groups

Again search FB and find relevant groups in the niche and join them. Check out the group’s rules. Make some general posts and valuable content that will lead back to your site. Give content away first.

Google +

Make a copy of your blog post here and link back to your blog for other content there and an Opt in or subscribe page.

Google+ Collections

Create “Collections” and add your content to them.

Twitter Networking

Find People in your Niche here and follow them. This is a big field in itself and I will have more info on my blog at


Another site becoming more and more popular. An account is a necessity. I will talk about this in upcoming posts.

Video Production and Promotion

Video is increasingly becoming the better way to blog. More and more people are preferring to watch a video as opposed to reading a long-winded  blog article on the site. Video is rapidly becoming the future with 58% of the content on Facebook being videos.

Note though many videos are being watched with no sound so you need to display your message in Text. Take advantage of this current year. You need to open a Youtube Channel.

Making a straightforward video doesn’t take up excessively time, and you don’t need to record yourself on camera if you want to.  Just make a slideshow video or utilize a screen throwing project to record your PC screen while you exhibit something. At that point add some content and voice to your video and you’re prepared to distribute.

You  can go to and for $5 request somebody to make a video for you.  This is incredible value.

Once your video is prepared, you have to distribute it to various video sharing sites YouTube being  your first.  Other sites to open an account at are Metacafe – Daily Motion – Vimeo and send high quality Vids to Udemy and WWW.  Additionally implant your video on your site (Embedding your video from YouTube on your site will spare you A LOT of transmission capacity on your facilitating account).

Offer your video to all your online content networking sites and social bookmarking sites such as, and You can likewise request that your visitors share your video on their web-based social networking accounts.

Driving free site traffic with recordings is getting to be less and less demanding. YouTube has millions of dynamic visitors daily and the numbers are rapidly increasing. This means you now have a chance to TAKE ADVANTAGE of these  large number of daily visitors and drive some of them back to your site.

It is important to make certain to use a catchy title, a series of relevant tags and enhanced keywords in the Title and sub-title. Make  sure to link back to your website. Your Keywords are ultra important as Youtube is now owned by google. Google will reward you for high quality content.

Further info about Keywords especially the power of long-tail-keywords  will be on soon.

Article Marketing

Despite the fact that article showcasing is an exceptionally old time technique to drive traffic  back to your site for nothing, it still appears to work. Numerous web marketers at Warrior Plus assert that article promoting is not valuable any longer. The Jury is out on this we are not sure. The pros, you can portray yourself as an expert with your articles and can link back to your website or product to sell in your signature box. The articles posted to ezinearticles have remained there for many years.  The cons. Google will not give high ranking now so your article will not be as visible.

More cons – You can not make several copies of the same article any more to get extra results.  People can download and take your work and give you no credit.

The way to progress with article showcasing is to put in a little effort – particularly when you’re just beginning. You have already written the article and can just post it to ezinearticles.  Look for traffic from this source to see if it is worth it.

The more you compose, the higher you get in the rankings of the article destinations you distribute your articles on.


 Contests and Quizzes

Contests are now very popular and multiple sites claim great success in getting people to subscribe to your content to play.  Challenge or quizzes are currently essentially easy  to run and are a good form of Interactive Marketing with high customer engagement levels..

The  old initial step was to settle on a prize you offered to  challengers. This can differ from anything between an eBook identified with your specialty,  to a more valuable genuine  prize such as a watch, ipad or $10 Amazon voucher.

The vital thing is that the prize should offer something of significant worth – for instance, don’t just focus on the quiz, in a diet niche or weight reduction specialty, you may offer a quality eBook about getting more fit or controlling your eating regimen, or Diet Recipes. You can reward winners with free samples of your products.

You can utilize online programming to begin your challenge, and offer your challenge on your site. Make certain to likewise share your challenge via web-based networking media.

Your entrance  qualification should be an email address and then to/like/tweet/+1 – along these lines, each time somebody participates in your challenge, they will be compelled to share or like your product or site.  Get them to challenge their friends or update their scores with friends.

This makes your substance accessible to all of their companions/contacts – which implies more activity to your site. An ever increasing number of individuals will begin to see your challenge, and they will need to enter. More traffic engagement means more leads to your site.

Nowadays,  you can also get special software for generating quizzes such as WWW.surveymonkey, www.Quizbean and https://testmoz . WordPress software WP Quiz and WP Quiz builder appear free.

Quizzes can be a knowledge test or product orientated with some software changing paths according to answers given to give an answer specific for a different product eg a skincare article.


Blog Comments

The next strategy I will give you today is becoming a Guest Blogger. You should be able to write a fairly long quality post.

Basically you are going to find blogs in your niche and you can create content for in exchange for a link back to your site. You can do this by google”guest post” (your niche) or using sites such as, or

Then you should identify the owner or a moderator to get the owners details and say how much you like their site and recent posts and would he like you to make a guest post. You should enclose a couple of your best posts. Not everyone will reply but you should get a good % and if your work is good you should be invited to submit an article to them for approval.

On a smaller scale you can search for web sites in your niche with blogs  that enable you to enter a site address while leaving a remark. Remark on these web journals with an complimentary remark or helpful comment.  Try not to incorporate a link to your site in primary remark, yet rather on the “Site address” field that is accessible – this will add a hyperlink to your site. Somebody then can hit the link to visit your site.

Blog remarks are a method for connecting with the creator of the blog entry you are remarking on, and additionally a method for speaking with different analysts. This is likewise an awesome method to drive quality traffic to your site.

In conclusion.

These strategies are quality ideas to start driving free traffic to your site whether you are an Affiliate Marketer Email Marketer or in Ecommerce. These free strategies can lead to building up to the  astounding approachof generating  hundreds to thousands of additional guests to your site without payment. They are just a beginning stage, and there’s many more ways you can drive traffic back to your site.

By utilizing these strategies as outlined, you would already be able to get a tremendous boost by driving unlimited free traffic. In my next post, I will outline some extra resources and some secret weapons.