About Paul


If there was one word to describe you it could be: Innozealrage (Innovative , Zealous, Raging ) But,
if there was one word to describe your current job, it would be: Boring.

Whether you need to change your ways in your life, or you just can’t bear waking up on any morning to the same old dross, that doesn’t begin with the letter ‘S’ – you’re in the right place.

Since you’re come here, I believe you’re wanting to learn and seeking new knowledge for your entrepreneurial mindset you have a positive mindset, and are looking for someone to help you implement your good ideas.

But supposing you are stuck or overwhelmed.

YOU have no clue what type of product to create and then how best to market it.
YOU need help grow your list and attracting an active list of avid fans.
YOU feel isolated. You wish more people understood you, or you, understood their needs better and looking for someone who could relate to what you’re trying to do. (Your friends are supportive, but don’t think your wasting your time).

No matter where you are in your online Business Career you want your business to have a BIGGER impact. You want to use your creative juices towards something that matters, both to you and the world

And this is where I come in. I haven’t had all the hardships of family, no money no Business like a lot of my friends and colleagues. I worked very hard in the Community as a Police Ofifcer for over 30 year in Central London. I enjoyed the work and responsibility

My best points are my honesty and determination to succeed at whatever I do. This is closely followed by common sense and problem solving. There is usually more than 1 way to solve a problem and your problems are now my target and I will do everything to resolve them for you, in the simplest manner.

I have started this blog to help others, YOU, and document my success to achieving the highest levels of Internet Marketing without misleading anyone.

I have written thousands of documents over the years and will be less formal now, making it easy to read and understand. I am a believer in Lists and Tips and will make it easy for all to understand something in the shortest amount of time.

A famous person once said “The best writers are the best thieves,” he said. “Shakespeare stole his plots
from Greek and Roman plays. Thomas Jefferson practically plagiarized the Declaration of Independence from
John Locke.

Oscar Wilde stole from . . . well . . . everyone. And so should you.”

I was stunned. From nursery school up, we’re all taught that stealing the ideas of others is wrong, and we are threatened with everything from failing exams to expulsion from school for doing it. However let’s do it We don’t need to steal it word for word but TAKE the IDEA and adapt it to your style. We do not need to invent the wheel.

All the good ideas are out there and I am going to GIVE you a lot of them.

In the last 4 years I have been learning the basics and started to make money. I have finally got the mentor I need in the shape of Liz TOOMEY, who has both an inspiring personal story and successfull business model. She is one of the limited number of IM people I truly respect and appreciate.

Anyway, thanks for reading my story and thanks very much if you join my travels to try and make a difference and help others to achieve a new income by working from home with your laptop. It will not be easy though and there is actually no ‘press a button and forget’ overnight income method. You have to press a few more!!

Onwards and Upwards

Paul Watts