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Starting Blogging A guide on the How to. (part 2)

Another short video on Starting Blogging, a guide on How to set up  a successful WordPress  Blog and How to start a blog to make money and starting to blog in 2018.

This video is 31 minutes long but has some great content and anyone can learn from it. I think you can always learn as you can never know everything have a look and see if you agree. It is important to get your base camp set up and you can go forward from there.

If you do not have a website and explain a little about who you are and what you would like to achieve, people cannot get to know you and your style and will have no reason to stay with you. My aim is to provide great free content from any source I can discover and share it if that is the publishers wish, which ot usually is nowdays.

After Part 3 I will be expanding this in more depth and giving away a Free Cheatsheet to help you if you are setting out.


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